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Neurology Consultants.P.C. is proud to offer the use of the NextMD Patient Portal for patients and caregivers. To receive a token to enroll please call 563-383-2667 ext 225  or

We are currently offering the following service through the patient portal:

Request appointment changes, cancel  and view all appointments scheduled. Established patients can request new appointments.

Receive electronic statements and make electronic payments.

Send and Receive communcation messages to Scheduling, Business Office and Clinical Staff.

Request medication refills for  Written Prescriptions and receive a confirmation of refill, via portal message, Prescription refills that currently go through your pharmacy will not  be addressed through the portal.

Review the following list of other practices in the area that utilize this portal. You can view all of your information from these practices on one portal, by adding each office you are treated at. Contact each office to be given a token number to add them to your portal.